A New First Post

Welcome to my new blog!

I tried and tested various blogging platforms and eventually settled with WordPress. After getting hands dirty with Jekyll, Ghost, Middleman, and Gatsby like tools I concluded that I better craft one myself. However, most of the times one simply needs to get things done rather than looking for optimal solutions.

As a software solutions developer, deadlines are more important to me in addition to pretty programming and same goes for my writing love. I always wanted it to be smooth, so I can focus on what I want to write rather than programming and manipulating publishing software itself. All programmers have a hacker like attitude and it sometimes hurt one or few of their skills, and they get stuck.

Rather than getting stuck and switching from one choice to an other, I decided to make use of WordPress. This is the new first post then.

And, it works.

Keep visiting for more.

Software Solutions Developer | Dockerized | C#, TS/JS, .Net & Node | Violin lover * A Machine Learning enthusiast! Freelancer for hire. I use English as a secondary language.


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